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If you're anything like me, you wear out fast in the online space. There's a lottt of clamor and it gets old, but also when you have beautiful things to make peoples' lives better... you have to sell them somehow, right? And you want to?

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but is there a way to do it a little... less so? more true to life?

Here's the deal: I started into copywriting because I've loved writing all my life and I love creativity and helping people so it seemed like a perfect blend of so many of the things. 

but it all started to feel cringy really fast.

So now I've made it my business mission to write copy for other businesses in a way that is non-manipulative, more ethical, more kind. For me it looks like using accurate words to communicate a story that's real and brings beauty to the world.

but clearly and cleanly, not too over-the-top.

So, if you're ready to have calm and 
true-to-life words for your business... you're in the right place.

aka, journaling since I was eight years old. Writing stories all through my Very Fun adolescent years. Starting to take it more seriously in high school.

I started my copywriting business in 2020, and have worked with dozens of businesses since then. 

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my name is Abby Hess

i've been writing almost as long as my memory

oh! if you're wondering,

what's it like to hire a copywriter?

we'll look at what your business is/who you serve

i'll write a draft for your copy

we both tweak and fine-tune

suddenly you have words ready to plug in your site

no dumb questions here.
this is what my process is like:
(of course it varies slightly
depending on your needs)





Adison Childers, Amina Studios

Aside from the heart of who she is, Abby is a wildly professional and talented copywriter. She "deciphered" all of my jumbled thoughts and magically spit it out back to me in a way that made sense, conveyed the feeling I was trying to embody.

Abby is a GIFT, and I will never stop sharing how amazing she is. Hire. Her. Now.

Ariana B.

Abby was so helpful and easy to work with. She took all my jumbled thoughts, got to know my style and wrote in such a concise and colorful way.

Grace K.

Abby will come alongside you and help you turn your word vison to life!


i'll go first

i'm married to my best friend

i'm a west coast girl at heart

In the spirit of laura tremaine,

It's one of the best parts of my life, but I don't think everyone needs to get married. Come over for coffee and we can chat about it.;) 

I was born and raised in California, and am still learning how to transition from the place I've had (and still have!) such deep roots in.

coffee dates are my favorite thing

business or theology podcasts? Yes

Can we plan one? You can come over. I'll make decaf if it's too late in the day. We can talk about anything and everything.

Or The Moth. Or RadioLab. Podcasts are one of the primary ways I learn, and of course I occasionally daydream about starting my own. 

interested in collaborating?

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