compelling copy on the shortest timeline

Copy in a day gets you quality words for your time-sensitive, low-budget projects

Start the process

First, you inquire and we agree on a day that suits us both perfectly. And then I send you a fun but extensive questionnaire about your business and the top four pieces of copy you need.

Third, we have another call to edit & tweak, and then I send you a Google Doc with your very own copy. You could launch the next day!

Second, we both dedicate the scheduled day to this project. It starts with a Zoom call, I learn about all your dreams, and then I write your copy- as much as I can get done.

I'm ready
to do this

copy in one day? but how?

Here are the details of the process:

You need three-four main pieces of copy

You need a lower priced but high quality option

You need an uber-custom copywriting package for your podcast, new website, or upcoming launch

You would love the personalized feel of working closely with your copywriter

this is for you if:

this is not for you if:

You need copy for a large website of 6+ full pages

You have no idea what your vision is

You want to work more slowly and gradually

You want to DIY your copy


Investing in a Copy Day with Abby was the best choice I made in preparation for launching my next business venture.

Aside from the heart of who she is, Abby is a wildly professional and talented copywriter. She "deciphered" all of my jumbled thoughts and magically spit it out back to me in a way that made sense, conveyed the feeling I was trying to embody.

Abby is a GIFT, and I will never stop sharing how amazing she is. Hire. Her. Now.


who is the copywriter?

if we haven't met, hi. I'm abby

If we sat down for coffee, I would probably talk your ear off about light and shadows and seasons, and how I'm on a mission to write kinder copy. And I would ask if you're tired of the noise, too?

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