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Brand and website copy & education for       

modern creatives.

A clear way to say what you sell? Accurate and easy words on the tip of your tongue for when anyone asks? Reliable copy will do that for you.

I'm picturing you:
Happy from selling beautiful things, tired from how much you have to talk about it.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, they all say. But sometimes your heart is actually fainting, and if you have to write ONE MORE PIECE OF CONTENT for your website you might scream. Or, potentially forget everything you've ever done when your uncle asks what your little business is, again? 
It doesn't have to be like this forever.

get brand and website copy

Articulate, refresh, and get every word you need.

learn how to write copy

For the DIY-er's and wanna be copywriters.

collaborate for your client's copy

For you, designer—get help with those branding jobs.

"You found a way to capture in words the things I value most deeply and want to cultivate... I could never have done this on my own!"

— Rae, Magazine Founder

Finally feel confident in your website

Actually increase your bank balance

Become the brand your people TRUST

 Craft words you don't have to edit every week

Gain the space to focus on relationships

Brand and Website Copy

AKA the Foundation and Building. Starting at $2,500

Are you starting your business from ground zero? Does it feel like everything needs torn down and rebuilt, from scratch? This package is the concrete underneath and the sturdy frame of your business. Built to last.

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Website Copy Refresh

AKA the Remodel. Starting at $1,400

Sometimes some walls need knocked out, and space needs opened up, organized, and transformed into something functional and beautiful. Overhaul the copy on your whole website, or just the sections that are no longer as good as they could be. Raise your business value.

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Copy VIP Day

AKA the Workbench. Starting at $925

What if you could get the main pieces of copy you need built for you in only one day? The Copy VIP Day is a one day intensive where you and your copy gets all my attention. Maximize your words.

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Custom Copy Mentoring Call

AKA the Apprentice. Starting at $475

Even the most talented craftsmen had to learn their trade from someone else. For a copywriter, the trade is learned usually over coffee, with laptops and newspapers in hand. We can do that virtually or in person. A personalized mini-course.

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Free Free Free

How do you know who your people are? I made a free guide to finding your ideal client so that you can draw up plans for business copy that will actually work.