JUST LAUNCHED – New Copywriting Mentoring Package

Jul 30, 2021

“And now the matchless deed’s achieved: determined, dared, and done!”

That is, of course, a wee bit dramatic—but it IS true that I am delighted to have finallyyy opened my new mentoring package up for bookings! Mentoring calls are one of my favorite parts of my job. It is so rewarding and FUN to get to watch concepts click for a client… and then watch them move forward  with motivation and many more words to form out their business and offer to serve their clients.

What is a mentoring call?

So, what even is this mentoring call of which I speak? I call them Mentoring Calls knowing that they are essentially the same thing as what you would think of with a “Coaching Call.” I’ve opted out of that phrase because I don’t really like it, (;P) and I want to walk alongside you and help equip you with some of the things I’ve learned myself, rather then tell you everything you’re doing wrong. Not that coaches only tell you what is wrong, but I picture them differently in my head. Hence the name Mentoring Call. Thanks for understanding.

The short answer to this question is:

 A mentoring call is an hour long intensive to teach creative business owners the basic principals of how to write their own copy.

In the one hour Zoom call, we will cover:

  • An “Ideal Client Worksheet” that I email to you and you fill out ahead of time
  • The basic principles of copywriting
  • Key concepts to writing less market-y, more story-form copy
  • How to get started
  • Practical tips of how to “stay in shape” to write copy
  • And more that you’ll only find out about if you sign up for a mentoring call. 😊

What is the goal?

The point of these mentoring calls is so you can stop feeling stuck when you write for your business. There ARE things you can do to make it simpler and concepts to operate with that will communicate clearly and honestly and in a way that serves your clients. I really care about changing the narrative from “Ugh I hate writing” into “This actually is really fun!”

How do I sign up?

If you are ready for some help with your words, I would be SO honored to chat with you through a mentoring call. You can DM me on Instagram @abbyemma_ so I can email you a scheduling link or email me from my website or here: imabigailemma@gmail.com to get started.

I can’t wait.

Thanks for being here,


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