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I'm a copywriter and the founder of Studio Tell, a copywriting studio dedicated to writing clear and ethical copy that will effectively connect with you audience and build real life community.
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How to Make the Weekly Grind of Writing Actually Fun Again

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The truth about business is: sometimes it can be a bit of a drag. Specifically, all.the.writing can be a major damper on your time and energy that you put into your business each week. Not only are there the big projects of writing your website copy, but there’s also email copy! And copy for your Instagram captions! And the copy on your about page that feels like it changes every four and a half months! Not to mention Instagram captions, blog posts, and daily emails to your clients. Some weeks it can feel like all you feel is a blank overwhelm that simply does not allow any new copy to come out of you.

Here’s the good thing: the weekly copy you write can actually be fun and intuitive instead of a drag. Here are three ways to change how you feel about writing words for your business.

1. Know your big brand message

I’ve been talking a lot recently about having a core brand message/ brand story and how it can totally shift the way you write copy for your business and also just how you approach business in general. It’s because it does. Getting clear on exactly what you are trying to communicate to your stalkers (aka potential clients) and current clients will shift your approach so that your writing becomes natural and easy.

If all you’re doing is putting random bits of copy up on your website or your social media because you know you should write something, take a bit to reevaluate. What big idea is behind your business? What unique perspective do you bring to your creative industry? Nail your brand message down first, and you will have a new place of clarity to write from for your audience. (If you want help with this, download my free guide 5 Days to Seeing Your Story. It’s kinda like having a virtual friend to walk you through the process.)

2. Have big, medium, and small goals for your copy

We already talked about having a big brand message that you write all of your copy from. But you should further break it down into medium and small goals for what you want your copy to accomplish. What are you trying to promote over the next quarter? What thing do you want to sell? Write copy (especially for the copy that turns over quickly such as your email list and blog or social content) that is going to educate and create understanding and demand in your audience for that particular thing.

Once you know what your big picture is and what your medium sized goal is for your copy, break it down again into what you want to communicate for the next week or two. What is your audience needing? What are they struggling with? Then write copy that is going to meet them where they are right here and now, while also working toward your quarterly goal and seeing the big picture of your entire brand.

3. Block out realistic amounts of time on your schedule to write

Time-blocking is a frequent conversation in the world of creative business because time-blocking actually works. If you are feeling like you just have no time to write the copy that you feel like you should get done, pencil a time in your calendar that you will dedicate just to writing. It can be twenty minutes or two hours, but just prioritize writing one or two pieces of copy, turn off distractions, and let that be your only task for a little while. And then don’t worry about writing for the rest of the week or two weeks, depending what you got done! Batching tasks like writing in this way will free you up to focus on other parts of your business and might even make your look forward to how much work you knock out in a short amount of time.

…or it might be time to hire a copywriter

Okay, okay, I hear you… if you’ve tried all of these things and still feel like you’re hitting a wall, it might be time to hire a copywriter. Click here to check out my services and here to inquire for copywriting that feels like a sigh of relief for both you and your clients.

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About Abby

I'm a copywriter and the founder of Studio Tell, a copywriting studio dedicated to writing clear and ethical copy that will effectively connect with you audience and build real life community.




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