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I'm a copywriter and the founder of Studio Tell, a copywriting studio dedicated to writing clear and ethical copy that will effectively connect with you audience and build real life community.
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How Messaging Can Transform Your Creative Business

Brand Copy

When I think about significant events in my life, many of them have one thing in common: the words that were spoken. Some of the best, most growing things that I’ve experienced had significant words connected to them (“I love you.” “Will you marry me?” “I see a gift in you.”) 

My worst memories involve words too. Some of them were words that delivered a message of a tragedy. Others were sharp, harsh words that sucked life out of me.

I’m going to bet that you’re the same way. Words matter, and the words you have heard and absorbed over your life have changed you. 

Your creative business is no different. Every word matters. As a creative entrepreneur, you possess a unique vision and passion that sets you apart from the crowd. However, the words you use to convey your message can determine whether or not your business conveys that unique-ness in a way that leans into its full potential.

In this blog post, we will explore the power of words and the ways they can (and will!) completely revolutionize your business. Prepare to evaluate the words you use– and then unleash the magic of language in order to propel your creative brand into growth.

1. Words build your brand’s personality

Words have the incredible ability to shape perceptions, evoke emotions, and establish connections between you and your audience. By carefully choosing the language you use to describe your brand, products, and services, you can create a distinct and genuine identity that resonates with the community you are trying to reach.

2. Words create the captivating copy that sells

Compelling copywriting is the secret ingredient behind successful marketing. Whether it’s a website home page, an Instagram post, or a service description, well-crafted words can captivate your audience, spark their curiosity, and inspire them to take action. Understand your customers’ pain points. Understand what they are aspiring to! Then, tailor your messaging to address them directly. By using clear language and storytelling, you can create an invitation into your services that your clients will want to say yes to.

3. Words craft client experiences that become destinations.

Xanthe of Oh Sierra talks about creating brands that feel like actual destinations. Words play a (if not the most) vital role in shaping your client experience into a place that people want to go! From basic email interactions to personalized thank-you notes, the words you choose will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

By infusing even your smallest client communications with words that are attentive, genuine and informative, you will build the trust, connection, and loyalty that will serve your clients well and ensure that they recommend you to other potential clients. 

4. Words help establish leadership and credibility

The term “thought leadership” is thrown around frequently in the entrepreneurial space. What does it mean?  

As a creative entrepreneur, you possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in your particular industry. By leveraging the power of words that you implement in content such as podcasts, blog posts, and even your IG posts, you can provide others with transformative insights into your industry. 

Thought-provoking and well-researched content that deliberately gives information in fresh ways  not only will position you as a go-to person in your field but also will attract a wider audience, open doors to collaboration opportunities, and enhance your credibility.

5. Words can impact the greater culture. 

This one is scary and exciting. The words we use and write literally have the power to change and shape the culture. And as a creative entrepreneur, you have a unique chance to make a difference with the way you use your words!

Don’t shy away from content that is different from your competition in important ways. You know how the “hustle culture” was the main player in entrepreneurship for so long? That has changed and is changing both entrepreneur culture and the GREATER culture towards more rest because business owners started using their words to talk about how toxic it is to constantly work. Business owners like Jenna Kutcher started actually SAYING that the way she was living was negatively affecting her fertility–and then brought her audience along as she changed to a more sustainable, holistic lifestyle. And yes she made the changes, but talking about them with words impacted the greater relationship of entrepreneurs to a burn-out lifestyle.

Be wise about the words you use, but be aware of the power they have to change. They truly can help create an impact that goes way beyond just the money in your bank.

Don’t underestimate your words

What words have impacted YOU in your life and business? They are powerful things, and should not be underestimated. As a creative entrepreneur, crafting your messaging carefully can be the key ingredient to unlocking the growth of your business. From building a relatable brand identity to captivating your audience with beautiful copy, every word you choose will impact your business. Embrace the power of words! Sit back and watch as they transform your brand, connecting you with your audience on a deeper level, driving growth, and leaving an unmistakable mark on the world.

Get help with your words

If it sounds totally overwhelming to you to evaluate and craft words for your business all on your own, it might be time to think about hiring a copywriter. 🙂 Click here to apply for custom words for your own brand.

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About Abby

I'm a copywriter and the founder of Studio Tell, a copywriting studio dedicated to writing clear and ethical copy that will effectively connect with you audience and build real life community.




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