Things Saving My Life This Summer –2022

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 I am in denial that summer is on its curve out! I love everything about it, and am more doubtful in my love for the colder months of the year (especially living in Idaho). I don’t want it to go, but I’m also determined to enjoy it while it’s here! So in that spirit, here is a list of four things that are saving my life this summer, Summer 2022.

Necessary disclaimer: this is not at allll original with me. I’ve seen podcasts from both The Lazy Genius and The Next Right Thing about this same podcast. Also, blog posts from my sister-in-law Rayna, as well as other places I can’t remember. Credits to everyone who does it—it inspires me every single time.

1.    My new Studio!

I thought that relaunching my copywriting business as Studio Tell would help me be motivated and encouraged, and it IS– even more than I imagined. So much so, that this morning I woke up excited to batch blog posts—because somehow it just feels more right and clear than it ever had before, or at least more than it has for a long, long time. Praise. (If you missed my launch, you can see the announcement blog here or come follow me on the studio IG here)

2.    All the fresh things.

Is this on my list every summer? Most definitely. The fresh things deserve it! California peaches. Ripe corn on the cob. Endless squash from our generous next door neighbors (bonus points if we get a quick chat in when she comes to drop it off or I run over to pick it up). It is glorious.

3.    The pink over the mountains

Every night when the sun goes down in the west, the sky over the beautiful Boise Mountains in the east turns cotton candy pink and blue. I have seen it every night we’ve been home this summer, and I still interrupt Marshall to make sure he sees it, too. It almost makes me teary every night.

4.    Memories from our Europe trip

Friends in Wales (not all pictured <3)

I’m the type of person that tends to live in the past to a negative extreme—even two years after the summer of being engaged to Marshall, I still feel a physical ache for some parts of that stage. But! I want to learn how to live in the season I’m in while still relishing all the beautiful things that I’ve experienced already.

With that disclaimer, here is number four.

My friend Erica posted a carousel on Instagram yesterday with some pictures of our joint time in Wales. It almost took my breath away: “Wait. We got to do that?!” We had a BEAUTIFUL month in Greece and the UK, and remembering the privilege of days with my friends there, swimming in the Aegean Sea, hiking by the Irish Sea, working on my new website on little Greek balconies—it’s enough to make me remember that life IS a gift, even when slower days and heavier burdens make it feel less that way.

Make your own list! 

The point of this type of list is to inspire other people to notice the good things in their current season, no matter how tumultuous or busy or boring it may be. Write your own list down! Share it with me or with someone you love. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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