Looking for Joy

Feb 23, 2022

Last Sunday, I chatted with a friend briefly about digging for joy: how it keeps us going, keeps us believing in good things even when it’s hard.

The conversation reminded me of something I wrote last winter:

“I don’t know when light will break through for us. We’re praying for spring to come…for our house to get done. Maybe then. But we’re watching for joy, crouching on our hands and knees, ready to pounce the moment we see it. Like the Bible Recaps says every day about God “He’s where the joy is.”

So I guess we’re really watching for him.”

Something about life right now has me craving joy even more than usual. But as I wrote last year, looking for joy is looking for Jesus. Here’s a few places I’ve found him lately:

1.       The Bible Recap. I’m doing it for the second time this year, although I’m about a month behind. But I don’t mind. Every day, I get to look for God in the Bible, not just look for how it applies to my own circumstances. And it is mind-blowing. I believe more than I ever have that God is good, and beautiful and kind and wants to be known and has been working through broken people since the beginning of time and that is the most grounding thing in the world.

2.       Hi-chews. Have you tasted this delicious, juicy candy? I think I have a small addiction. Go buy some and thank me later. Praise the Lord for taste buds.;)

3.       Dreaming. I’ve been in the process of brain-storming some new things coming for my copywriting business, and it makes me so nervous and excited. Isn’t it interesting how God gave us ideas and creativity and the ability to share them with each other? How kind of Him to bless us in this way.

I pray that if you can, you can dig up some joy today, maybe even write it down. I hope that it’ll remind you that Jesus is where the joy is, because I really believe it’s true.

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