I almost titled this post “Things saving my life this winter,” and then realized that it’s a bit early in the season to do a post that is about winter. Technically it is still autumn and won’t be winter for several more weeks. But we’ve had two snows already, and while the trees are still […]

My friend Elisa, a creative photographer, talks about it. My friend LoriAnn, a bookkeeper for creatives, talks about it. In between all the meetings, deadlines, emails, and marketing plans, running your own business can be really lonely. I’ve experienced it ever since I lost my job in early 2020 and started working on my own. […]

Are you a lover of books? If so, welcome. I’m glad you’re here. You’re definitely in good company.:-) It’s doubtful I’ll ever get tired of talking about books I’m reading. It’s one of my favorite conversations, and I love having it with new and old friends. So, in that spirit–here is a list of three […]

“How do you work from home?” It’s one of the questions that I see pop up in my inbox or Instagram direct messages the most frequently. It came again yesterday, from one of my old friends (who doesn’t own a business, but still works at home) and had a big computer project coming up. The […]

I sat down at my wooden desk this morning, lit a candle, breathed a prayer, and opened up my Google Chrome. I’ve finally got more of a routine down, and it helps my days more than I can say. There’s another set of things that has helped my days more than I can say: apps […]

 I am in denial that summer is on its curve out! I love everything about it, and am more doubtful in my love for the colder months of the year (especially living in Idaho). I don’t want it to go, but I’m also determined to enjoy it while it’s here! So in that spirit, here […]

Yesterday I casually mentioned to my husband Marshall a big dream I have for the future of my copywriting Studio. It was one I’ve been thinking about for several months, maybe even a couple years. Marshall was surprised. I guess I hadn’t told him about it before, or at least not told him it was […]

It’s a normal Friday afternoon, as I’m typing this. If you’re reading this, it means that STUDIO TELL IS ALIVE IN THE WORLD. I can’t believe it. What started the transition? If you read my announcement newsletter, you know a bit of this—but because of some circumstances outside of my control, the brand Abigail Emma […]

A few weeks ago, I received a direct message on Instagram after I had posted a poll asking about what to post next: “this or this?” One of my friends replied and said “I’d like to hear your thoughts for people who love to write but are afraid there are already too many voices out […]

A couple summers ago, I started to write copy for small businesses. What’s crazy now is what I DIDN’T know: the basic structure of a piece of copywriting. I took an online course by Kelsey Foremost, and learned so much (and am still learning!) about what makes good copy. So, if you are like me, […]